The Infinite Plan

We have a plan, of sorts.  The reason I say of sorts is because sometimes plans change.

My dream to dance Tango in Buenos Aires evolved into wanting to travel around the whole country, and then evolved into traveling around the continent.  See, my plans have changed.  Bob and I are now taking steps to implement the plan.  We intend for our South American Adventure to be a test of sorts.  This trip will help us decide if traveling for months at a time is something we will like to do.  If not, we will change our plans.

We are not digital nomads.  We are a semi-retired couple in our 50’s.  We have been working before the computer and mobile phone age – before most digital nomads were even born.  We were married (not to each other) and had children before our 30’s.  Bob was in the Air Force and then worked in the public sector until recently when he took early retirement.  Before I had children, I had a few office based jobs – before computers came on the scene.  I taught myself how to use a computer when at home looking after the kids.  The rest of my computing skills came from jobs I had when I went back to work.  Neither of us had time to learn how to design websites or anything else that people do to become digital nomads.  We were too busy raising our families!

We do not want to sell everything we own to travel the world for years on end and then find a place to settle down after we have been everywhere.  We already have a place which  we haven’t had for very long.  We are still making it into a place that we want to look forward to returning to when we have finished one adventure after another.  And who says the adventure has to stop when we come home?  Who says it ever stopped?  We have only just started living together and we think the adventure is just beginning!

We are not unhappy with our lives and we are not bored.  We just want a bit more.  We want to see more of the world while we have the time and the energy to do it.  We are curious people and we like trying new things.

The current plan is for me to go out to work while Bob does some decorating on the house.  We want to go somewhere warm. We are not crazy about cold and wet winters.  As we have gotten older, our joints have started to complain some.  That is just the way it goes sometimes, even though we feel like teenagers deep inside!

The infinite plan is to take sections of the world and to go and visit them for a few months of the year.  We don’t just want to take away from our experiences.  We want to learn from others and, if possible, give give something as well.  We think that we have something to offer people.  I have healing skills, such as reflexology, reiki, EFT and massage.  Bob has many practical skills such as plumbing, electrics, etc.  We don’t know how we will use our practical skills to help others or to make money, but we know that things happen at the right time and for a reason.

So, that is the plan, until it changes!


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