Bolivian Salt Flats Tour, Day 4!

We were up before the crack of dawn, reason being we were going to the salt flats to see the sunrise!  There was no breakfast.  We loaded up the vehicle and off we went in the freezing cold and dark!

IMG_1299Watching the sunrise from one side looked like this.  From the other side it looked like below.

IMG_1301Remember, this was all taken with the i-Phone, in subdued light!

Salt Flats 4 Web Salt Flats 4 Web1 Salt Flats 4 Web2

After taking photos of the sunrise, our driver and cook left us to our own devices.  Bob and I walked to the top of Incahausi.  This hill used to be underwater and remnants of coral can be found.  Now it is populated with giant cacti!

Salt Flats 4 Web3

After walking around the hill, we finally found our driver parked up and our cook setting up breakfast.  Seating was made from salt and stones.

IMG_1348 IMG_1363Pretty bird looking for handouts.  We had cake for breakfast!  The cake making was nothing short of a miracle considering the cooking facilities available the evening before.  After breakfast, it was time to play with a bit of perspective.

Salt Flats 4 Web4 Salt Flats 4 Web5

Watching others in action!

Salt Flats 4 Web6 Salt Flats 4 Web7


Bob and I with our driver, Jonas, and our cook, Bernie!  We couldn’t have asked for better people to look after us!

Salt Flats 4 Web8

Apparently, some of the Dakar rally passed through the area.  This is also a disused salt hotel which is now turned into a shop.  You have to pay to use the toilet.

IMG_1435After lunch, the last thing we did on our tour was visit the train cemetery.  South America used to have a thriving railway system, mainly built by the British and French.  Over the years, the railway fell into disuse.  Some of the trains in Bolivia ended up in Uyuni.

Salt Flats 4 Web9 Salt Flats 4 Web10

IMG_1460 IMG_1465

It was a bit sad seeing all of these trains rusting and falling apart.  There really isn’t a lot to the train cemetery.  We thought there would be more.

And that was the end of our Salt Flats Tour.  It was certainly the highlight of our time spent in Bolivia and something we would definitely do again!