On the way to La Paz, Bolivia!

From Copacabana we headed off to Sucre, but first we had to go via La Paz.  Although it is a 4 hour journey, it can take longer, and it did!

On the way to La Paz

On the way to La Paz

The roads to La Paz are very steep and you are being driven up and down the mountains.  Also, the weather can change at any moment, and it did.  It was sunny when we left Copacabana!  We had rain, and drove through a terrific hail storm.

IMG_0627It takes hours to drive around the lake.  And when you finally get to the end, this is what you have to do!

Taking the ferry

Taking the ferry

You have to take a ferry to get to the other side!  People go on one type of ferry, and the vehicles go on a flat boat.


Our Bus!

IMG_0630I have to say it was a little bit nerve-wracking!

The Bolivian Navy

The Bolivian Navy

Initially, Bolivia used to have land on the coast that is now a part of Northern Chile.  They lost that land during the Nitrate Wars in the 1840’s.  Now the only place the Navy has control is on Lake Titicaca.

La Paz, with snow capped  Illimani in the background

La Paz, with snow-capped Illimani in the background

Many people think that La Paz is the capital city of Bolivia.  In fact, I thought the same until I read the guidebook.  The capital of Bolivia is the beautiful Sucre while La Paz is the administrative capital.  There were many reasons we did not stay in La Paz and one was that we did not want to be in a big city.  It can also be very cold due to the very high altitude.  We just wanted to get on with our journey and go somewhere warmer.

Because the internet at our hostel in Copacabana was terrible, we did not book a bus or a hostel in advance.  I think this is the first time we did this.  We actually winged it and got our bus to Sucre at the last minute.  It wasn’t as terrible as we thought it would be.  The bus would get us in to Sucre early in the morning so we would have plenty of time to find a cafe, have breakfast and book a hostel that same day.  After a few months on the road, we were starting to finally relax a little!