No Highlights of Puno, Peru!

I didn’t take any photos of Puno!  I know, that is very slack of me, but there is a reason.  We weren’t there long enough, and we didn’t like it.  We booked the sister hotel to where we stayed in Arequipa.  When we arrived, they didn’t have our booking.  Good thing we had a confirmation on our phone.  Not a good start for a 4* hotel.  Fortunately the room was nice and the bed comfortable.  It was only for one night as we were headed to Copacabana, Bolivia early the next morning.

We found Puno a bit oppressive.  The streets were very narrow and the buildings were in various stages of development.  There were many people milling about and I didn’t get a good vibe.  Certainly not one good enough to bring out the i-Phone to take photos.  We managed to walk over to the square for a late lunch and watch a bit of the world go by.  We went to one of the restaurants recommended in the guide-book and although the place and service was pleasant enough, the food wasn’t particularly remarkable.  But it was food and we were hungry after a long bus ride.

People visit Puno on their way either to or from Copacabana.  It is on Lake Titicaca.  Most people visit the floating reed islands from Puno.  We weren’t interested in doing that.  After three months of traveling we had worked out what type of excursions we wanted to spend our money on.  Bob wanted to go to Lake Titicaca as he wanted to visit the world’s highest navigable lake.  I wanted to go to Lake Titicaca as I imagined that it would be really beautiful.  I had a more romantic notion of what it would be like.  It sounds really exotic.  It was also suggested to us that the lake was most attractive from Bolivia and so we took that on board when we made our decision to bypass Puno.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t bypass it entirely because we needed to cross the border.

Usually, we would be game for a bit of exploring, but neither of us were in the mood.  I think we were just really tired.  It happens.  Months of walking everywhere or spending hours on a bus can wear you down.  So after lunch we went back to our hotel, enjoyed a lovely hot shower and climbed into our wonderful bed with great pillows, duvet and cotton sheets, and watched movies on the TV, in English.  Bliss!  There was even a hairdryer so I didn’t have to go to bed with wet hair!

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn, along with everyone else, had a lovely breakfast and headed off to our standard bus to make the journey across the border and into Copacabana.  That’s it!