Highlights of Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche, or just Bariloche, is a city nestled in the Andes of Argentina.  This is Argentina’s lake district and is still in Patagonia.  Most of what we have seen of Patagonia has been mainly flat and dry and desert like.  Part of that changed when we went to Ushuaia, El Calafate and El Chalten.  That was when we got to see mountains as we were moving into the Andes mountain range.  However, the terrain was still desert like.

That all changed when we got to Bariloche.  Bariloche is more like being in the Alps and is probably where we have felt the most at home.  For starters, there are loads of trees.  The place is very green.  There are many varieties of conifers and other trees I don’t know the name of and most of them are huge.  There are also many lakes that are crystal clear.

Bariloche1The scenery is stunning!  With the mountains, the trees, the lakes, and the flowers, it is no wonder that many people escape the big cities to come here.

Big Trees

Big Trees

There are a wide variety of activities and sports for everyone.  The area has one of the largest ski resorts in the country, so one can come and visit all year round.

Bariloche2Lupins and brooms are rampant around here at the moment.  Lupins aren’t even a native species, but they just love the dry and sandy soil in these parts.

Bariloche5There are a wide variety of birds to be seen.  The little hawk above can be found everywhere.  We were lucky to see five Condors at the top of the Cerro Caterdal.

Bariloche has a town centre which we thought was a bit touristy.  There are many chocolate shops, outdoor clothing shops and expensive restaurants in the centre.  There were not as many of the quaint alpine houses as we thought there would be.  Those tend to be outside of the main town.  Bariloche is more spread out than one would think and you don’t really get the full picture of the place until you get a view from one of the mountains or get on a bus to somewhere.


This is just a sample of the architecture.  It was nearly impossible to take photos from the bus!  Most of the houses incorporate wood or stone or both.  Most of the lakeside houses are quite stunning and very modern, but they all seem to find a place for pine.

Bariloche3We had a wonderful and chilled out time here in Bariloche.  We learned about the local buses, went for walks around the lake and went up a few mountains to get some amazing views.  We are going to miss Bariloche, it felt like home.