No Turning Back!

We booked our flights to Argentina!  After two days of searching the internet for the best deals, we booked our tickets with Budget Air.

The choices for flights are practically limitless.  There are so many ways to go.  It was actually cheaper to book online than to book with the Airlines, even though that isn’t always the case.  In some instances, there were web pages that were offering almost too good to be true prices, and they were.  Once we phoned, the price went up about £200 or more and we were told that those promotional seats were sold out even though they were still being advertised.  So one needs to really shop around.

Once I booked and paid for the tickets, I felt sick.  I couldn’t explain it.  I have spent more money on other things before, so it wasn’t about the money.  Bob knew what it was about and he knew it was going to happen before I did.  I think it was fear.  Oh crap, now that the tickets were booked, there was no going back now.  Sometimes the thing you want the most can also be the thing you fear the most.  The dream is no longer a dream, it is becoming reality.  We actually have a date when we are leaving and when we will be returning.  We know that our adventure will start and end in Buenos Aires.  What happens in between, well, we won’t know until we get there!

So, after feeling quite ill for a few hours, and Bob explaining things to me about myself that I didn’t realise, I am finally getting really excited about making the dream real.  There comes a point when you have to stop dreaming and take some action.

So far we have been doing small things towards reaching our goal that really wouldn’t matter if the goal was never fulfilled; such as creating our Inspiration Board, buying our backpacks and other items we might need for our trip.  Actually taking the step to purchase the tickets with firm dates in mind makes the dream real.  We are not just talking about going to Latin America, we are actually going to do it and we have the tickets to prove it!

Although it is important to take those baby steps towards your dream, the day has to come when you take that one big step that takes you even closer to making your dream a reality.  Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Now that we have our dates set, we are getting our list in order for what we need to do in the months before we go away!  Visas and vaccinations are on the list.  What would you find more scary?