Tying The Knot!

I mentioned in our last post that Bob and I were getting married.  We did, and today is our one week anniversary.  So, how’s it going so far Bob?  Bob: ‘Stressful.  We need to plan our trip and we have three more weeks of jabs!’  Apart from that Bob.  Bob: ‘It’s lovely!’

After the build up to the big event and spending time with family and friends, it was back to the office for me and back to decorating for Bob.  I now know why people usually have a honeymoon after getting married.  The build-up and organising for the big day can be quite stressful when pressed for time.  I did almost everything I wanted to do, but I can let go of not doing everything.  It was a great day and we were grateful for the wonderful weather and for all those who turned up to share the day with us.

???????????????????????????????My lovely neighbour made this cake for us as a surprise!  And it was!  Bob and I met on a scuba diving holiday, so it is very appropriate.  I never would have thought of it myself.  And it was totally delicious!


Signed, sealed, and delivered.  We are totally legal.  I have been more sure of doing this than booking the flights for our trip to Latin America!

The next thing now is to plan our itinerary!  That is going to be very interesting!