East Anglia Road Trip: Suffolk

We left our hotel in Norwich around mid-day and started our journey home via Southwold in Suffolk.  I had been to Southwold quite a few times but Bob hadn’t.  Southwold is famous for it’s Adnams Brewery and these…

Southwold Beach Hut

Southwold Beach Hut

???????????????????????????????Beach Huts!  The Beach Huts in Southwold are probably some of the most expensive real estate that you will come across, for their size.  They can sell for as little as £30K!  We really should have taken more photos, but I lacked forward thinking about writing about about our road trip.  Won’t happen again! Just Google Southwold Beach Huts and see the lovely images that pop up!

We managed to find a free parking space on the street and proceeded to have a quick stroll around the town before getting some lunch.  We walked along the seafront promenade.  We loved the beach huts, each one different from the next.  After lunch we spent a considerable amount of time in the Adnams shop.  There is a cafe and they have a cookery shop as well as selling the local brew.  We picked up a couple of small kegs of Broadside for the wedding after doing a few taste tests!

Another cool thing about Southwold is this…

East Anglia12There is a lighthouse right in the centre of town!  It is still a working lighthouse and the reason they built one in the town is because the previous ones were under threat from coastal erosion, which is a big problem along this part of the coast.

After a quick stroll around town, we then drove towards Dunwich.  Bob didn’t believe me that you can walk from Southwold to Dunwich along the beach.  In fact, I made the kids walk with me to one of the best fish and chip shops I’ve ever been to.  I think it is about 4 miles return along the beach.  The road journey is considerable longer.  There isn’t much left of Dunwich as most of it was reclaimed by the sea in the 13th Century.  The visit to Dunwich was swift (there isn’t much to see) and we carried on down to Aldeburgh.

There is a lovely promenade on the beach with a few fisherman’s huts where you can buy fresh fish every day.  They were all closed by the time we arrived.  Aldeburgh is known for it’s music festival that takes place in Snape Maltings every summer.  It is also the setting for the Orlando books written by Kathleen Hale.  I loved those books and bought them for my children.  I didn’t know until writing this post that they were set in Aldeburgh.

East Anglia13I just loved the colourful houses and the little balconies on some of the buildings.

East Anglia14The Beach South Lookout is now an art gallery.  In fact, Aldeburgh is a very arty place.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when walking past one gallery when I saw one of my friend’s pieces on the wall.

Even though the sun was shining, the wind was picking up and making us chilled, so we found a pub in one of the side streets and had a drink in the sunshine.  As usually happens with us, we got to chatting with some people who were visiting the area and happily passed an hour or so getting to know some interesting folks.  We also noticed a huge queue outside the chip shop on the corner.  It turns out that Aldeburgh boasts one of the best chip shops on the east coast.  However, the queue was so long and we needed to leave, so we passed, maybe next time.

By the time we left Aldeburgh it was getting dark and we headed straight home back to Eastbourne.  We had a great time seeing family and visiting places we hadn’t been to before.  The non-stop travel has given us a taste of how it might be at times on our journey around South America.  Going slow is really the way to go.

By the way, did you ‘spot the Bob’?  See if you can find him in the photos above!