Buenos Aires: A second chance

We stayed in a studio apartment on Avenida Córdoba.  It was not too far from Recoleta, nor from Palermero.  Those two being the smartest parts of the city.  It was also not too far from the Jewish Quarter, or the ‘rag’ district.  The nearest underground station was only a few minutes walk away.  All in all, we were well placed – apart from the noise that came up from the busy street, but that is to be expected from a busy city.

View up and down our street

View up and down our street

Most of the museums and art galleries happen to be around the Recoleta and Palermo area.  Bob humoured me and we visited a few over the next 10 days.

IMG_2020Some of the museum highlights were:

  1. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes or MNBA
  2. The National Museum of Decorative Arts
  3. useo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires
  4. The Xul Solar Museum

We also visited a couple of shopping malls.  Although we weren’t buying anything, it is always interesting to visit shopping malls in other countries.  Surprisingly, they are not too different from what we have in the USA or UK.  We visited the very fancy and expensive Alto Palermo Shopping Mall on the edge of Palermo near Recoleta and The Abasto Shopping Centre near Carlos Gardel’s old neighborhood.  The Abasto is housed in a very old building and though not exclusive, it isn’t cheap.  The fact that it was in Gardel’s old neighborhood was a bonus.  It was the closest I got to a Tango shop since I arrived!

Buenos Aires Part 2 Web1We also visited the Recoleta Cemetery which is where Eva Peron and other well-heeled people are interred.  We met up with The Cemetery Girl who gave us a short tour.  Julie-Anne is someone who I was acquainted with through blogging when I had my London Tango blog.  In fact, Bob and I had met up with two other bloggers in Buenos Aires with whom I was acquainted with in this way, and they all know each other.  It’s a small world.  Recoleta Cemetery has some very beautiful buildings,sculptures and artwork.  In spite of all that, I can’t help but find it a bit creepy.

Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery

We walked every day, sat in cafes, ate out, ate in, and watched English language movies on the big TV in our apartment.  After all of the traveling we had been doing over the last 5 months, it made a nice change to just hang out and not have a plan.

Bob is still not a fan of cities – he tolerates them – though in some ways we did a lot more when we arrived during those first 3 days in November ’13 than the last 10 days in March ’14 before we left.  I actually enjoyed the city more the second time around as at least I knew what to expect.  I love going to museums and galleries while Bob humors me by going along.  It was nice to cook our own meals, sleep in, meet up with people and just potter around.  I would certainly go back.  I might even get to dance some Tango next time!

At the end of 10 days we said goodbye to Buenos Aires and headed to the airport to make the long journey home.  It was an amazing adventure!