Walk 1: Beachy Head and Long Down


Bob and I completed our first big walk last weekend in preparation for taking on Machu Pichu.  The map above comes from the Pathfinder Guides East Sussex and the South Downs Walks.  As we live in Eastbourne, we started from there.

We are really lucky to live in an area with natural beauty right on our doorstep.  I have always wanted to live by the seaside, near the country, and now I do.  Living right by the South Downs, only a short walk away, is a dream come true.  There is nothing like taking a walk in the countryside and having a sea view to boot!

When we woke up last Sunday the sun was shining bright.  By the time we left the house at 11:30am, the sun had gone.  There is a saying here: ‘Sunny at seven, cloudy by eleven’.  Even though it was cold and grey, we went out anyway.  We were not the only ones.  The British are a hardy lot and nothing will get in the way of their Sunday constitutional.  Fortunately, it didn’t rain.

We stopped at Birling Gap for a cup of tea and a sandwich.  They are in the process of refurbishing the tea rooms and restaurant.  Fortunately, the café was open!  It was so cold!  We shared a table with a lovely couple who were day-tripping.

We continued our walk up toward the Lighthouse and Beachy Head.  The goal was to get to the pub for a pint.   That stretch is the last leg of The Seven Sisters.  That part of the walk is a bit uppy and downy for my liking.  I really am not that fit at the moment, but I am persistent.  Bob is so patient and encouraging.  Bringing the walking sticks along made the uppy bit more bearable.  We also had an easterly wind in our face.  Usually we would have the wind at our back, but not today.  We had a well deserved drink by the time we got to the pub.  It was all downhill the rest of the way home.

We got home about about 5pm, when the sun decided to make an appearance!  Typical!

Fortunately the next day was a Bank Holiday, as I was in recovery from my walk from the day before!  I used muscles that hadn’t seen the light of day for some time.  The day of our walk was too miserable to take decent photos, but you can see photos from previous walks by clicking on the respective links.

We are going to try as many walks from the house as we possibly can and will most likely work our way through the guide book.  We might need to drive to get to some of the walks further afield, but we hope that ultimately we will see and learn so much about the beautiful county that we live in.