A Short Walk Around Dovedale

The day we left Buxton couldn’t have been more different from the day before our walk in the hills.  We had sunshine and blue skies.  Nature was laughing at us!  Some of our clothes were still damp from the soaking we got!

One of Bob’s colleagues suggested we visit Dovedale as it was on our way home.  So we did.  On the way, we admired the views that we should have seen the day before.  Dovedale is land owned by The National Trust.   You will have to pay for parking, but that is how the National Trust works.

We didn’t have the time or the energy to spend hours in the park, but we did have a stroll along the river for about an hour.  The day was gloriously sunny, however it was shady in the valley on the river walk.



We will have to come back here one day and make our way up to the top.  We never knew about Dovedale before and were very grateful for the ‘tip’.

Dovedale is very close to Ashbourne so we stopped into the town to have a look in the antique shops and stop for a cup of tea.  The town centre is attractive with many shops and cafés.  It would make a good base to stay when visiting Dovedale or cycling the Tissington Trail.