Pack Lite

We plan to travel with only a maximum of 10 kilos each.  We have been inspired by others doing the same thing.  Packing lite can save a lot of hassle when traveling.  You don’t have to worry about your luggage getting lost because you are only carrying hand luggage all of the time.

When Bob and I go Scuba Diving in The Red Sea, we are restricted to 25 kilos each.  That might seem a lot, but it isn’t when your dive gear takes up most of your allowance.  When we travel to Sharm, we found it was easier to pack everything you need for a couple of weeks because toiletries can be expensive, but they are heavy and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for clothes.  That doesn’t matter too much when you spend your day out on a boat and then change into clean clothes that you wear for only a few hours each evening.  The clothes don’t get dirty and nobody cares about what you wear.

It is going to be an interesting challenge for us packing everything we need into 10 Kilos.  We are still working out what to pack.  If it were up to Bob, he would pack all of his survival kit, but there wouldn’t be enough room for anything else!

Because I have really bad holiday hair, I am going to try and fit in a small travel hair dryer!  My hair colour is all natural and my hair tends to frizz.  I have tried everything to make it look decent while letting it dry naturally, but no dice.  If I can manage a good blow dry, I can last quite a few days without washing or styling my hair.  Hey, I may be on my travels, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good.

I will also try to sneak in a pair of dancing shoes!  I will try and fit in a pair that can work for Tango and Salsa.  That means I will need to pack a dress or a skirt that can be used for dancing and going out.

I am still working on what clothes to pack.  Bob is easy and has most everything he needs.  There will be the obligatory cargo trousers for traveling and a pair of jeans.  I bought him some merino wool T-Shirts that can be used in any weather.  A full list will be published once we get it all together.

We bought a SteriPen for sterilising water.  I am not a big fan of buying bottled water, but sometimes it is necessary.  We will be using the SteriPen as much as possible to save money and help the environment at the same time.  Water sterilising tablets will also be taken as a back up.

We are still deciding on what electrical items to take with us.  As we are NOT digital nomads, a laptop is not that important to us.  However, I do not get along with the keypads on smart phones or ipads, so I am still debating on whether to bring my little netbook or just buy a bluetooth keypad.  Bob is keen on taking his iphone and ipad.  I personally think it should be one or the other.

Bob has published the first of his Packing Lite Series.  You can read the first part here.

More updates to come.


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