Dream Big

Many people have big dreams, but they don’t really do anything about them.  Or, they think that their dreams may be too big to do anything about, and leave it just as a dream.

I have learned that you can’t dream too big.  Once you have your dream, you need to take some action towards it in order for it to come true.  There is no time limit on this unless you decide you want to have or do something by a certain time.  Obviously, you will get things faster if you put a reasonable date on it.  Writing your dream down and then working out ways to get your dream is a good start.  The best thing is to not get bogged down on the hows too much.  How are you going to get your dream?  There are some practical measures one can take to get it, but then there are the unforeseen happy events and surprises that can hit you sideways to help make your dream come true.

Planting a seed

What ever your dream may be, one of the best things to do is to put it out there.  Tell everyone.  You never know how much others can help you to get what you want.  You may get some good advice or be put in contact with others to help make your dream come true.  People like to help each other.

My dream of going to Argentina to dance the ‘real’ Tango started many years before I even learned how to dance and before I even knew it would become my dream. You can read about that here.  That was about 15 years ago!  Six years later I took my first steps towards that dream with my first Argentine Tango lesson.  There was no stopping me after that.  In order to dance the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, I first needed to learn how to dance well.  I didn’t know how or when I was going to dance Tango in Buenos Aires, I just knew that one day I would, and in-between that I lived and breathed Argentine Tango and it was my passion.

When I moved to a place with no Tango, my life changed and so did my dream.  Instead of forgetting about my dream, my dream got bigger.  Why limit myself to just dancing Tango in Buenos Aires when I could travel around the whole country?  There is more to life than just dancing!  There is a world out there to explore.  I had some money when I sold my house and I had planned a trip to travel around Argentina by myself.  Then I got cold feet.  Deep down, I wasn’t really happy about traveling around Argentina all alone.  I don’t mind a couple of weeks traveling by myself in Europe, but I was planning a few months on a completely different continent.  Even though I never have a problem meeting people, I really didn’t have a good feeling about being alone on this trip, so I postponed it.

Then I met Bob a year later.  I told him about my dream to go to Argentina, to visit the glaciers and see the Andes and maybe pop into Chile and go up to Salta and Bolivia and Peru and to go to Machu Pichu, and head off to Ecuador, and Columbia…you get the picture.  Bob liked my dream so much that it has become our dream!  For the last two years we have been taking steps to making our dream a reality.  It has been a bit slow going because of the logistics of living so far away from each other, but now that we are together things are really starting to move.

Live your dream

How do you live your dream before you even get there?  The first place you start is in your mind.  You need to visualise your dream everyday.  Visualisation is a very powerful tool.  You need to live and breathe your dream in the present moment in order for it to be real in the future.  Every baby step you take is part of the process.  You need to believe it and feel it will happen.

‘Believe and it will happen’ is one of my mantras.  Then you let it go.  That’s right.  After you live and breathe or meditate on your dream, you let it go knowing that it will happen.  It is a certainty.  You don’t need to worry about it as it’s a done deal.  It is also a good idea to have things around you to remind you of your dream and what you want.

Name your dream

We have named our dream:  Bob and Arlene’s Latin American Adventure 2013/14.  We do not know when we are leaving.  It will either be from November 2013 or January 2014. We just need to fine tune things and make a decision and stick with it. We already have enough money for the trip for three months, but we are also on an additional savings plan.  We still don’t know how long we want to go away for.  There are so many other things to work out before we go, and this is the time to start looking into how to deal with those issues.  By the way, this is only the first adventure – others to follow!

Taking baby steps

We didn’t know how we were going to make our dream come true.  We just knew that it was going to happen.  So, what did we do?  We started reading blogs!  They just came to us!  The first one that came to us was Never Ending Voyage.  While searching the internet for information about Argentina, this blog popped out at us because they have a beautiful e-book (free!) about their travel to Argentina with only a 10 kilo backpack.  Synchronicity or what!!  I have a list of inspirational blog reads that are helping us to make our dream a reality on the home page.

If there is something I want to do or learn how to do, the first thing I do is research it.  I get information and ask questions.  I don’t think you can be too prepared.  I already had a guide book about Argentina by the side of my bed.  We now have a guide book for South America.  I still have information from the first time I planned on going, but then chickened out.

The next thing we did was buy luggage.  Well, Bob went out and bought it.  There is more about that on the Pack Lite page once it is up and running.  Once Bob bought the travel bags, there was no going back.  We have also been buying some traveling clothes.  Well, mainly Bob, as I want to wait until I am more fit and have lost a few pounds!

We are still in the planning stages of our dream.  We have a map of South America on a huge cork board with space to add things on the side to inspire us or to remind us of what we would like to do.  I have my Footprint guide to Argentina by the side of the bed.  We are reading about how to save money to actuate our dream.  We are going for walks on the downs to get us into shape for Machu Pichu.  Each thing we do takes us one step closer to realising our dream.

This blog is another step.  By letting you all know about it, we may get information on how to help us live our dream and hopefully make new friends in the process.  We may even be able to help you realise your dream too!  How cool would that be!


2 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I thought you gave up tango and your dream of visiting Buenos Aires to dance. How nice to read about your dream for a South American adventure. I trust that one of you speaks Spanish. It’s easy to find real tango — just go to Lo de Celia Tango Club. I’ll be watching for you at the end of the year.

    • Hi Jan,

      My Spanish is so-so, but will get better with exposure. If we were taking a year out, we would probably book a language school for a few weeks. In the meantime, I have a programme on my computer. 🙂

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