Home Sweet Home!

I was feeling like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she is clicking her heels and saying ‘There is no place like home, there is no place like home…’.  Our last week in Buenos Aires, as nice as the weather was, just seemed to drag on.  We filled our days with going to museums and art galleries, restaurants, watching cable TV, meeting up with some lovely people and generally walking around the city.  I think that after 5 months of traveling around 5 countries, it was finally time to go home.  We had enough.

I wanted to give Buenos Aires a second chance and Bob humoured me.  He endured looking at art that sometimes I didn’t even understand.  We went to shopping malls even though we knew we wouldn’t (or couldn’t, for lack of space) buy anything.  We hung out in the barrios of Palermo and Recoleta watching the rich and the beautiful (and maybe famous, but we wouldn’t know that).  Although I could finally understand why some people would be drawn to the city, it still was not for me. For someone who loves cities, this was disappointing, but at least I don’t hate Buenos Aires and I would be happy to come back.  I might actually go to a Milonga next time!

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts

However, there is no place like being home with all of your comforts after a long stint away. After traveling for over 24 hours, it was so nice to sleep in our own bed.  We were in no rush to get up except we needed to stock the larder.  Having things to do our first day home kept the jet lag at bay, but then it hit us really hard and our sleep pattern got out of whack.  We have been home for just over two weeks now and we feel we are finally getting back to normal and into some sort of routine.

I signed up with my temp agency for work (though nothing so far) and Bob is deciding what part of the house he will be working on next.  We have had various appointments to attend and stuff to deal with – like issues with both of our cars.  It is helpful that Bob can fix things and is knowledgeable about that sort of thing.  The weather has been fairly decent and we have both been able to do some work outside.  We have been reclaiming the house and giving it some attention.  It certainly needed a spring clean!

We are still catching up with family and I still have to go through hundreds of photos for the rest of the blog posts that need to be done.  Not having a job to go to right away means that I can do a lot around the house, but the money sure would be nice.  We need to save up for the next trip! 🙂