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Bob and Arlene, The Red Sea, Egypt

Bob and Arlene, The Red Sea, Egypt

We are Bob Benson and Arlene Toth, a British/American professional couple in our early 50’s.  We are semi-retired with adult children, five between the two of us – none who live at home. We are at a stage in our lives where because time is precious, and we aren’t getting any younger, we want to make the most of what time and resources we have left on the planet.

Although the both of us have seen a bit of the world already, Arlene had a dream of traveling around Argentina and other parts of South America but didn’t really want to do it alone.  When Arlene met Bob, he was more than happy to share her dream and help make it a reality.  After a two year long-distance romance, Bob moved in with Arlene and they recently got married.  Now the adventure is really beginning!  After talking about traveling around South America, and the rest of the world, the time has come to walk our talk and make that dream come true.

Join us while we work out how to fit the past into the present, merging two lives into one.  We will talk about downsizing and having a good life-style on a budget.  We will talk about our hopes and dreams and the steps that we are taking to make them a reality.  We are planning our Latin American Adventure 2013/14.  Share the adventure with us and see how it turns out!


 About Bob

Bob loves nature and being in the great outdoors.  He has been known to take off on a weekend with only his survival kit to explore the wilderness and climb mountains in Wales.  If he isn’t walking and exploring the land, he is underwater exploring the sea as he developed a love for Scuba diving when he was young man in the Air Force.  When Bob is taking a break from being Action Man, he enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, dancing and fixing things.  He is also a keen photographer, both above and below the water.

Bob met Arlene on a Scuba diving holiday in The Red Sea where they were thrown together as dive buddies.  They became good friends.  Although romance was the furthest thing from Arlene’s mind, Bob took a chance and told her how he felt about her, wrote her a poem, and planted a seed just before he went back home.  It was more than a week before Arlene called the number at the end of the poem.  They have been fairly inseparable, as much as a couple can be conducting a long-distance romance, ever since that phone call.

After working in the public sector for many years, Bob decided to take early retirement and moved down to the South Coast to live with Arlene.  He will be taking a well-deserved career break to work out what he wants to do during this next exciting stage of his life.  Bob completed his Divemaster and IDC all in six weeks this past summer.  Since then he has been helping Arlene decorate her house before they embark on their first Big Adventure.  So far he has finished two bedrooms and completely renovated a cloakroom.

IMG_0376-001About Arlene

Arlene had her first Big Adventure when she moved to The Big Apple, from New Jersey, at the age of 18.  Many years later, she settled in London where she raised her family.  While still a homemaker, Arlene qualified as a Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, and is also a Reiki Practitioner.  After a few years of working from home, she put her healing practice on hold and worked mainly in the design and construction industry, with some customer service thrown in for good measure.

Arlene loves adventure and trying new things.  When in London, she took up Salsa dancing and then fell in love with Argentine Tango.   It was when Tango became her passion that the dream to go to Argentina began.  First it was to dance the ‘real’ Tango in Buenos Aires, but then it evolved to wanting to explore a new continent and learn about the people within it.  Arlene has a very successful blog about dancing Argentine Tango in London.

When the company she worked for closed shop, and after more than 20 years of living in London, Arlene sold her house and down-sized to a lovely two-bedroom property on the South Coast of England.  That new beginning was one of many firsts for her.  Since Arlene’s move to the South Coast at the end of 2009, her focus has been on finding a home-base and creating a welcome refuge that would express her lively personality.  Little did she realise that she would be sharing it with anyone other than the cat.  She has a blog about that too!

Since Arlene doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up, she temps to make ends meet.  Temping provides her with money, she meets interesting people, and is learning new skills.  In between contracts, she works on her house or has a holiday.


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