Camping Le Lac d’Orient, France

We stopped at this site as a half-way point on our way back to Dieppe for two nights.  Camping Le Lac d’Orient is in Mesnil-Saint-Père, France.  We learned about this site from a couple of campers who also have a dog and it came highly recommended.

Although we only stayed for two nights, we could have stayed longer.  The site is very well presented with modern facilities.  The pitches are generous with soft and hard standing.  We slept in the van for both nights as we were able to load up the pop-up tent under the awning.  We tend to do this when we are only staying a night or few.  I really loved the showers in the new block.  They were modern electric ones that only switched off if you moved away from the sensor.  It was nice to get clean and be able to use two hands rather than keeping one hand on the button most of the time.

IMG_4364 (Edited)IMG_4365 (Edited)

We met some lovely people during our short stay.  Most people have caravans or motor homes.  It is always interesting to see how people travel and what they have with them.  I am going to see how much more I can downsize as I feel we do have a lot of stuff.

The site has a restaurant and a pool area.  It looks nicely laid out and there is a section for children.  Fortunately, they were still in school!  There were people with dogs, and our dogs were included in the price of the pitch, which also included electricity, and was 17 euros per night.  A bargain!

IMG_4358Here is Bob in the restaurant as we were too tired to make dinner after setting up.  The food was good.  We don’t usually eat out, so it was nice to be waited on and not have to worry about the washing up.  There is also a little shop where you can buy a few supplies and get your morning pain (that is bread in French).  Get there early!  It is best to stock up on supplies and cash before arriving as there are no shops or ATM’s nearby.

So, what is there to do?  Go swimming in the lake, for starters!

I don’t believe that dogs are really allowed to swim in the lake, but we went in the evening the first night and took them out in the morning when no-one was up except other dog walkers.  The kids had a really great time.  I went in with them too.  We also found a slipway where they could swim from without bothering anyone, but they don’t do that anyway.  All they want to do is swim.

IMG_4368 (Edited)This isn’t the lake beach at the campsite, but at the other end where we cycled.  So, yes, go for a bike ride.  There isn’t a designated cycle path that goes around the lake.  Here is a map of the area.  The map we were given wasn’t very clear, but we ended up cycling along the D43 and picked up the D619 before coming off to the D1G to Géraudot to continue on the D43.  There is a cycle path that is currently being upgraded which would make cycling safer than being on the road.  We used it when we could.  On the last leg back to the campsite you cycle through the Parc Naturel Régional de la Forêt d’Orient.  It is a bit dark cycling through the forest, but it smells lovely.  If we had really thought about it, we could have come off of one of the side tracks to let the dogs have a good run, but we were getting tired and just wanted to get back to camp.  We did let them out for a swim earlier at the beach above.  Also, should we come back here again, we would stop in Géraudot for lunch or a drink.  You do pass by some pretty places.







You can also go fishing, boating, windsurfing, etc.  We really only had one full day, so we went on the bikes and took the dogs for a swim.  You can also watch the sunset.

IMG_4359This site is definitely on our ‘Come back here’ list and we highly recommend it.







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