Camping Bastiagueiro, Oleiros, Spain

When we went camping for the first time in our van, we did not have a bed as it wasn’t ready in time for our trip.  It was also the first time we went camping with the dogs.  Everything that happened on that trip was a learning curve for the following trip and so on.  In this instance, we had to put the tent up at every place.  We chose to go camping in Spain as we had had an incredible 6 weeks of walking The Camino de Santiago.  One of the things we didn’t do when we were in Santiago was to follow through with our plans to go to A Coruña on the north coast of Spain.  In hindsight, we could have done it.  Don’t you just love hindsight?  We didn’t think we would get back to the UK in time to see my son.  I know better now.

Since we had the van, we thought we might try and visit A Coruña this time.  There aren’t any campsites in A Coruña.  The nearest place we could get to was Oleiros near Santa Cruz. Camping Bastiagueiro, what can I say about it?  They take dogs, it is near a beach (but no dogs allowed), and there are some good views.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos as I didn’t think I would be writing a blog post about the site – though it does look like it is on the website.  The people that run the place are very pleasant, but that is all I can say about the site.  Oh, and that there weren’t that many people there, and we had a lovely Portuguese family next to us.  I didn’t have a shower for three days as I never saw anyone clean the toilet/shower block and the same bit of TP never got moved.  I just used baby wipes.

The neighborhood of Oleiros and Santa Cruz are actually quite affluent.  There are some very fancy houses in the area and a lovely park where we were able to walk the dogs.  It took us a while to get our bearings, but we eventually found the supermercado to get some supplies.  In fact, the area has quite a few bars and restaurants once you get back to the main road.  We found the marina in Santa Cruz and had a lovely lunch at one of the fancy restaurants.  I was surprised to hear an American accent while waiting for my lunch to arrive and got to chatting with a lovely family where the mother is Spanish- American and had lived in the area for a very long time.  She filled us in on the area until our meal arrived.  We weren’t disappointed with our food.  The dogs were also able to swim at the marina afterwards and had a great time!

We never did go into A Coruña.  We were learning that cities and our dogs do not go well together.  We will have to go another time on our own.   Our Portuguese neighbours loved it and they live in Porto (we love Porto), so we have something to look forward to.  Although we did not go into the city, we did enjoy exploring the area.

I have really mixed feelings about this site.  If the toilets hadn’t been so grotty, I would say yes.  It isn’t just that the facilities were a bit shabby, they were also unclean.  Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.