Camping Les Coullemieres, Vermenton, France

Camping Les Coullemieres was our half-way stop on our trip to France this year.  I insisted that we have a stop so that the dogs can have a rest and so that we can explore a bit before we move onwards to our next destination where we would spend more time.

This campsite is a municipal site.  The pitches are a reasonable size, the facilities are clean, and the staff are friendly.  The site is situated at the other side of the village next to a river.  Great for the dogs as they were able to have a swim!  There is a towpath along the river and there is a park.  The village is small with pretty houses and two restaurants.  There is a supermarket for stocking up on supplies and a petrol station.  If we didn’t already have our next place booked, it would have been nice to stay an extra day to chill out as it was so peaceful.

IMG_4260IMG_4262 (Edited)IMG_4263 (Edited)I should have taken more photos, but that is how it goes sometimes when you are enjoying yourself.  The rates were good value and we weren’t charged for the dogs.  It seems that the manager took a liking to them.  I definitely recommend this campsite, especially if you need to layover and want somewhere peaceful to stay for a night or two.


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