Camping le Pelly, France

Camping le Pelly is in Sixt Fer a Cheval in France, in the Rhone-Alpes. It is smack dab in a Regional Park.

The campsite sits in a bowl surrounded by the mountains with waterfalls cascading down. You can hear the sound of the river nearby. It is such a beautiful and peaceful spot. The facilities are very clean and the place is run by a lovely family. The nearest village is in Sixt 3 miles down the road and a lovely cycle ride.

I would highly recommend visiting, but not with dogs. We were charged for each dog even though the dogs are quiet and not a nuisance, but mostly because dogs are not allowed in the Regional Park.

I went walking with the dogs in the park (ignoring all the signs) and managed about an hour before I was politely asked to leave by two  lovely park police. Dogs are not allowed because of nesting birds, even on the lead.  If we knew that, we would have camped in Samoen, which is a bigger town and where we could walk in the mountains with the dogs.  That is the way it goes sometimes.

FYI, we originally chose the site because it was down the road from where a paragliding buddy of Bob’s lives. Most of the flying takes place in Samoen, six miles away. We thought we could walk the dogs in the park and that they could swim in the river. The river was too strong for that, so it didn’t happen.

All in all, it wasn’t the greatest six days of camping to be had in spite of all of the beauty around us as we had to go elsewhere to entertain ourselves. In hindsight, we should have only stayed a couple of nights, but we had already set up the big tent and tried to make the best of the situation. C’est la vie!


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