We are back home

Blogging on this site isn’t one of my strong points at the moment as I really don’t have a lot of free time to blog.  I was amazed that I managed to post what I packed in my rucksack.  By the way, we had to send about 3 kilos home between us as we hit a heatwave!

I do have time to post a snippet on our Facebook page and have been posting updates with photos as we went along and when we had access to the internet.  So if you want to know how we got on and to look at some nice photos, taken with my iphone, please like us and have a look at our page.  It is also a lot easier to answers questions about the camino there.

Right now I am downloading all of the photos from Facebook onto my laptop!  That is going to be one big chore as it took us six weeks to get to Santiago de Compostela!  Then we went to Portugal!

If you have any questions about walking the Camino de Santiago, please feel free to ask!  Take care!