Highlights of Tigre, Buenos Aires Province!

Our bus journey from Rosario to Buenos Aires was fairly straightforward – except for the part when we got stuck in a traffic jam and made an interesting detour!  We were on the last leg of our 5 month journey and were going to spend 10 days staying in a private apartment in Buenos Aires before heading back home to the UK.

Bob is not a great fan of cities and neither of us were too impressed with BsAs the first time we arrived.  Granted we were only here for a few days when we first arrived in November 2013, I thought we needed to give the place another chance.  One of the things we did to break up our stay was get out of the city and visit Tigre.  Tigre lies about 17 miles north of Buenos Aires, on the Paraná Delta.

We took the Tren de la Costa to get to Tigre.

Tren de la Costa

Tren de la Costa

I think what started out as a great idea when the government built the trains, ultimately turned into a bit of a fiasco/disaster over the years.  The main station where you catch the train from has now been turned into an antique shopping arcade.  It took us a few minutes to work out where to purchase the tickets and board the train.  As you can see from the photo above, the train is covered in graffiti.  It is also quite shabby inside.  The Tren passes through some very wealthy areas such as San Isidro, where the station boasted a trendy shopping area and smart cafes and restaurants.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any sign of this at the station when we stopped here for lunch.  All of the shops were empty.

San Isidro

San Isidro

San Isidro

San Isidro

San Isidro is indeed quite attractive with lovely old houses.  You can just about make out the river from the top of the hill.  Considering this was supposed to be the train of the coast, there was very little coastline to have been seen.  Blink and you would miss it.

Tigre Web1We didn’t bother to stop at any of the other stations considering how disappointing the situation was at San Isidro.  This didn’t give us much hope for Tigre.  Tigre used to be a playground for the rich and famous – so we were pleasantly surprised to see that many of the grand old properties were still in great condition and many new grand houses had been built.

Tigre Web4We strolled along the canal and through the houses following a route we picked up from the tourist office.  We walked past old rowing clubs from many nations and through a lovely park.

Tigre Web5The highlight of our walk was visiting The Municipal Museum of Art.  Apparently it used to be a Casino for many years.

Museo de Arte Tigre

Museo de Arte Tigre

IMG_2114The building is absolutely spectacular to behold and a joy to wander around.

Tigre Web6There was also a fair collection of beautiful art to be seen.  Here are some of my favorites.

Tigre Web7We wandered back towards town along the canal and stopped into one of the locals for a couple of cervezas while we watched the boats going up and down the canal.

Tigre Web8As it was now dark, we decided to take the normal train back into the city.  Besides being a lot cheaper than the tourist train, it was also a lot quicker.  There was just as much graffiti on the normal train, which wasn’t surprising.  However, it did go through some dodgy areas, but no one hassled us and we had a pleasant, if uneventful, journey back to our apartment.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  If we knew the place was going to be as nice as it was, we might have booked a night in a hotel and then booked a boat trip up the Delta, but we left our trip to Tigre rather late in the week.  There is certainly plenty to see and do in Tigre for a few days.  Maybe next time!


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