Highlights of Rosario, Argentina!

Where Salta still had a colonial vibe, Rosario definitely had that small city feel to it.  I felt instantly at home here and realised that the city had some similarities with Santiago, Chile (which we loved).

They both have a river.   We walked along the Constanera (waterfront) that stretches 15K along the city.  We didn’t walk the whole 15K, but we did walk along most of it.  There is a lot to see here.

Rosario Web Rosario Web1They both have parks with wide open spaces.  The parque de la independencia is a beautiful park in the center of the city.

Rosario Web2 Rosario Web3There were very smart apartment buildings.

IMG_1877 There was a great shopping area with many cafes and department stores within great old buildings.



There were museums and galleries to visit.

Rosario Web5The Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes was very enjoyable, but the colorful Museum of Contemporary Art was closed.  We loved the colorful building though.

Rosario Web6And there were many old and historic buildings.  I just couldn’t get enough of the architecture!

Rosario Web10 Rosario Web8 Rosario Web9There was also the occasional siting of interesting art on the side of buildings.

Rosario Web4And even inside them.

IMG_1872A trip to Rosario would be incomplete without a visit to the Monumento Nacional a La Bandera.  It is huge. Manuel Belgrano, who designed the Argentine flag, rests in a crypt beneath this colossal stone obelisk built where the blue-and-white stripes were first raised.

Rosario Web11 Rosario Web13 Rosario Web12There is a great mixture of old and new in this city and we really enjoyed exploring during the few days we were here.  There is plenty to see and do and I hear it also has a very good Tango scene.  A few days in a city is just about as much as Bob could take, but the fact that the place felt very open and we had lovely weather helped.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Buenos Aires where our trip was soon coming to a close.