Road Trip: Salta to Cachi, Argentina

Hiring a car for our road trip from Salta to Cachi to Cafayate and back was surprisingly easy and stress free. We hired our 4×4 from Budget, just a couple of blocks away from our hotel. The lady who organised everything for us was extremely helpful and spoke excellent English. We were given maps and tips on what to do and see. Fortunately, the route was very straightforward. The car was new and even had SatNav.

Getting out of the city was easy and the road to Cachi was a good paved one. What was surprising about the landscape around Salta is how lush and green it was. It was a refreshing change after the desert landscape we encountered for the best part of the month prior.

IMG_1500This is what you see when you get out of Salta – green!  It makes a great change from all of the desert we had seen. IMG_1504We drove along the Ruta 68 and then turned off onto the Ruta 33. It is difficult to explain how awesome the landscape is and to describe how after driving higher and higher up lush Alpine-like mountains where you would be expecting to see cattle grazing (but don’t because of the altitude), then all of a sudden on the descent the landscape changes yet again turning into a desert with wild and colourful mountains. Here are some photos.

Happy Man with 4x4

Happy Man with 4×4

Cachi Web Cachi Web1We met a really nice family at the Capilla San Rafael.  They drove all the way from Buenos Aires. We had a nice chat, in Spanish with a tiny bit of English.  After 4 months on the road, it seems that my Spanish improved! Cachi Web2Cachi Web3 Cachi Web4We eventually connected with the Ruta 40 and weren’t disappointed when the road eventually became gravel. We had travelled this road from the South from Rio Gallegos up to Mendoza. It was a rough ride. Maybe one day we will finish the route between Mendoza and La Quiaca. The gravel road gave Bob the opportunity to see what the car was made of as he is into that sort of thing. I was happy to let him do the driving while I enjoyed the scenery and gave instructions on where to stop for photo opportunities.

Eventually, we arrived in the sleepy town of Cachi.


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