Bolivian Salt Flats Tour, Day 3!

When you don’t think the views can get any better, nature surprises you.

Salt Flats 3 WebHere we have another salt lake with some flamingos and surrounded by defunct volcanos.

Salt Flats 3 Web1We had some crazy rock formations!  How did these rocks get here?  There were many active volcanos millions of years ago, and when they literally blew their tops off, rocks were strewn everywhere.  The wind and sand have carved some interesting features in these giant boulders.

Salt Flats 3 Web2 Salt Flats 3 Web3 Salt Flats 3 Web4The colours on these defunct volcanos are the exposed minerals after the tops of the mountains blew off!  The colours were pretty amazing.  We were lucky to have great weather with blue skies.


Another salt lake!

Salt Flats 3 Web5When we stopped for lunch, a friendly chinchilla showed up for leftovers.  The only other time I saw one was at Machu Picchu.

Salt Flats 3 Web6This was the only active volcano that we saw on our tour.  The top picture was at the lava flow and where I wrote about tourists using the place as a public toilet.

IMG_1239There is a railway line that is still used to transport minerals and salt!

Salt Flats 3 Web7We also visited a petrified coral forest.  It is amazing to think that all of this was under water at one time!

Salt Flats 3 Web8Did you know that Quinoa came in three colours?  Red, brown and yellow.  The red is meant to be the finest.  Although Quinoa is one of the super foods on our planet, it is not a staple food for South Americans.  Of course they use it, but it is mainly sold for export.

Salt Flats 3 Web10Here is the salt hotel we stayed in on our last night of the tour.  There has been a lot of controversy about staying in salt hotels.  This one was okay as it was not on the salt flats.  It is not okay for the environment to stay in the salt hotels on the salt flats due to the plumbing and waste issues.  You can work that one out.  Salt Flats 3 Web11

It was difficult not to take photos of the llammas whenever we saw some.  They are just so cute.

IMG_1286 We finished our day with a lovely sunset, in front of a Quinoa field and overlooking the Salar Grande.


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