Bolivian Salt Flats Tour, Day 1

We were up at the crack of dawn, along with everyone else in the hotel it seemed.  Today was the big day and the start of our Salt Flats Tour!  We were going to be traveling in 4x4s for four days and sleeping in basic accommodation.  Internet connections were going to be severely limited, if accessible at all.  We were going on an Adventure!

There were six of us in our vehicle: Our driver Jonas (pronounced Honas), our cook Bernie, Bob and me, and a sweet French couple.  The French had some English and Spanish, and we had some English and Spanish and so we were able to communicate more or less with each other.  My Spanish was severely put to the test on this trip as our driver and cook didn’t speak English.  Once all of our gear was stowed on top of our vehicle, the tour began.

We drove out of Tupiza into the mountains.

IMG_0899The scenery was quite dramatic and stunning!

IMG_0902IMG_0908We hadn’t been driving for more than an hour before we stopped to take some pictures of dramatic views!Salt Flats Day 1 WebSalt Flats Day 1 Web1Convoy!This was our convoy!

IMG_0921We stopped for lunch in this very tiny village.  All the buildings were made of mud bricks.

Salt Flats Day 1 Web2The scenery became more dramatic and stunning as we drove along.

Salt Flats Day 1 Web3We stopped at some ruins.

IMG_0944Saw some more amazing landscapes.

Salt Flats Day 1 Web5And we finished off the day with an amazing sunset that blew us all away!

IMG_0974PS: All photos taken with Bob’s i-phone.


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