Highlights of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador!

After a few days in Guayaquil, we headed north up to Puerto Lopez.  We heard that you could do some diving from there.  Since we didn’t have enough money in our budget to do a live-aboard and dive The Galapagos Islands, we thought we might be able to see something off of the coast of Ecuador instead.

At first glance, Puerto Lopez doesn’t seem like much.  However, it is more how what we thought South America would be like.  Once you get off of the main drag there are dirt roads, straw shacks on the beach and tuk-tuks everywhere.  It has a certain shabby charm to it.

The Malecon in Puerto Lopez is nothing like the malecons we saw in Lima or Guayaquil. It is just a dirt road that runs along the seafront where you can find restaurants, beach bars and tour offices for excursions.

Puerto Lopez, Equador1The beach was beautiful, and long.  There were very few people on the beach where we were staying at the end of town.  This was the first time since we arrived in South America where we really totally relaxed.  We would go swimming, hang at the beach bar, have leisurely meals and hang out with really nice people.  We didn’t feel we had to watch our backs all the time when we were out either.

Puerto Lopez, EquadorEvery morning we would see the Egret outside of our bedroom window and we would watch the Pelicans fly in formation throughout the day.

Puerto Lopez, Equador4

At the other end of town are all of the fishing boats and the boats that will take you out to Isla de la Plata.  Isla de la Plata is also called the Poor Man’s Galapagos!  We scheduled an excursion to the island on probably one of the hottest days we have had out!

Isla de la Plata, EcuadorOn the way out to the island, we saw bottle nosed dolphins.  This was the best I could do as they were swimming very fast and I wasn’t on the side of the boat that they were swimming on.  We weren’t allowed to move around the boat because of balance issues.  However, it is always wonderful to see dolphins!



The highlight of our island tour was seeing the Blue Footed Booby, and babies!  After our tour we had lunch and then we had a chance to go snorkeling.  The visibility was a bit better than when we went diving (another post) and although it wasn’t the best snorkeling we have ever done, we managed to see some fish, but nothing to write home about.

One of the best things about Puerto Lopez (apart from the people we met) were the beautiful sunsets.

Puerto Lopez, Equador3They were mind-blowingly beautiful – and so romantic.

Puerto Lopez, Equador5

We were enjoying ourselves so much that we extended our stay a few extra days!


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