Highlights of Guayaquil, Equador

After Lima, we took another long distance bus – this time to Guayaquil, Ecuador.  As we had two long distance journeys pretty much back to back, we decided to stay three nights in Guayaquil.

We walked along the Malecon 2000 along the River Guayas.  We spent a pleasant few hours here.  There is a shopping center here.  Unfortunately the quality of goods is a bit down-market and the restaurants and cafes are fairly basic.  However, you can get really nice views along the river.


Guayaquil1The park is nicely laid out with gardens, statues and a few interesting monuments. You can also see some of Guayaquil’s finest buildings from the park.

Guayaquil2The Moorish Tower is really lovely as is the grey City Hall building.


As I mentioned before, the gardens are really nicely landscaped with unusual plants and trees.  The Malecon 2000 is fairly safe to walk around.  It is actually gated (even though anyone can get in) with security guards everywhere.

There are squares dotted around the city and they all seem to be well looked after.  A very popular square is the Parque Bolivar opposite the Catedral Metropolitana – also known as The Iguana Park.

Guayaquil4The iguanas were everywhere!  It was a bit disconcerting as they were in the trees and you had to watch where you were walking.  It was almost as bad as pigeons.

Once you have walked along the Malecon and visited the squares, there really isn’t much else to do in Guayaquil.  Although the city is really big, the safest parts are in the centre.


Although we were told you could walk through the Las Peñas Neighborhood up to Santa Ana hill to see the lighthouse and the views .  We weren’t too keen on the idea.  Those lovely colored houses look much nicer in photos.  There is a certain edge to Guayaquil and I really did not feel comfortable in this city.  I would have been happy to leave after one day, but we booked our hotel for three nights.   The fact that we were in a really lovely hotel with a great restaurant, plus we could watch English language movies on a big screen TV, made our stay in Guayaquil more bearable.  We really did need to relax for a few days and we did.  The hotel was also a great refuge from the heat and humidity.

We also managed to get a bit of culture and history by visiting the Museo Municipal.  It was also another way to escape the heat!

DSCF7710There are some interesting artefacts from the indigenous people who used to live in the area and models of what the city was like when it was first settled by the Spanish.  There is also a mummy on display.


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