Highlights of Lima, Peru

After Cusco, we headed on an overnight bus to Lima.  We eventually arrived in Lima late the next afternoon and didn’t have much time to explore the neighborhood.  All we really wanted to do was freshen up, have a nice dinner, and stretch out and go to sleep.  Exploring would have to wait until the next day.

We stayed in a hostel in the Miraflores district which is one of the few upscale areas of Lima.  There are some really lovely homes here, but all of the properties, including businesses, have such tight security that it wasn’t conducive to taking photographs.  For example, they had metal gates with razor or electric wires, or walls with glass on top.  The windows were also barred or the properties were completely obscured.  Although this type of thing has been quite common in a lot of the areas we have traveled thus far, it is still a bit disconcerting and doesn’t make one feel very safe.

We spent most of our day on the Malecon, overlooking the seafront.  The Malecon in Lima is really beautiful.  It has beautiful parks with lovely manicured gardens and in the Miraflores section it also contains an upscale shopping mall with lovely restaurants and cafes.  From here you can also see some really desirable apartment residences.

DSCF7526After nearly three weeks of being in the mountains, it was great to see the ocean!

DSCF7527Part of the shopping mall complex.  We had a coffee here with a sea view!


DSCF7535View of the Lover’s Park



DSCF7560The start of some more gardens in the Barranca area.


One of the desirable apartments in Barranca on the Malecon.



There were many old properties in Barranca, some of which were being restored to their former glory.


A property in an exclusive section of Miraflores where the extremely wealthy live.  There are armed guards that patrol this area, so no need for overkill on the barricading and barbed wire.

Obviously spending one day in a city is not enough to get a real feel for the place, but we did enjoy what time we spent here.  It is well worth a visit.