Highlights of Ushuaia

After a couple of tiring but thoroughly enjoyable days on excursions looking at wildlife, we left Puerto Madryn for Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.  This time the journey by bus was nearly 26 hours and we passed through Chile and took a ferry across the Magellan Straight to get there!

Ushuaia5The town is dwarfed by mountains on one side and has the sea, The Beagle Channel, on the other side.  We were overwhelmed by the mountains as the closer we got to Ushuaia we could finally see some change to the endlessly flat plains of Patagonia.  We were here for four days and on one of them we had some snow!

The houses are an odd mix as not many original buildings are still in existence.

UshuaiaThere is plenty of wildlife to see either by taking a boat excursion on the Beagle Channel or by walking in the National Park or other self-guided walks.

Ushuaia1Apart from the many stray, but friendly, dogs, there is the occasional free range Argentine beef, fox and sea-lion.

There are also a wide variety of birds.


And flowers.


Who would think that a field of dandelions would actually be pretty, as well as edible, if you are foraging?!

A trip to Ushuaia wouldn’t be right without your photo taken by the sign!


As close to Antarctica that we will get! We have the photos and stamps in our passport to prove it!  We loved it!


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