Highlights of Puerto Madryn

After a couple of days back in Buenos Aires recovering from our long bus journey from Iguazu Falls, we took another long bus journey to Puerto Madryn.  Bob and I immediately took to Puerto Madryn.  It is a chilled out seaside town.  We booked three nights here in a self-catered apartment, but we could have stayed a couple of more.  We are learning that after a really long bus journey, it is wise to spend no less than 4 days in a place if possible.  Unfortunately, you never know what the place is going to be like.  After the bustle and grime of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn was like a breath of fresh air.  It is clean and tidy.  We travelled nearly 20 hours on the bus from Buenos Aires, and although it can be tiring traveling this way, we would miss out on the seemingly endless landscape and the wildlife and plants seen from the side of the road.  We would also miss out on some amazing sunrises and sunsets like below that seem to last for hours.  This part of Patagonia is flat!

Puerto MadrynYou get some really kooky images taking photos through the glass!

Puerto Madryn1Puerto Madryn has some unusual street art.  It is not edgy by any means, but it is nice to look at!  There are also some interesting sculptures made from the dead trees on the main street.

Puerto Madryn5There is quite an eclectic mix of sculptures along the seafront.

Puerto Madryn4

The town also has a very long and sandy beach.

Puerto Madryn3And last but not least, it has a pier!

Puerto Madryn2Apart from the nice climate and beach, many people come to Puerto Madryn as it is the gateway to see penguins, whales, orcas, elephant seals and sea lions.

Puerto Madryn6