East Anglia Road Trip: Norfolk

My youngest son graduated from The University of East Anglia (UEA) this summer so Bob and I decided to turn the event into a road trip as the graduation coincided (more or less) with the birthdays of Bob’s sisters.  After a pleasant weekend spent with family, we headed off and took the scenic route towards Norwich.

It had been many years since I spent any time in this part of the country.  East Anglia has such a rich history.  The countryside is quite diverse with plenty of marshes and fens in the north and undulating countryside in the south, although the whole area is generally quite flat.  I have been there in the bleakest of winter and found it still beautiful as the light is quite amazing.

We decided to head North in Norfolk and take the coastal/scenic route on our way towards Norwich.   Whenever I think of Norfolk, I think of Lavender.  Norfolk Lavender is known worldwide and we were lucky to pass by some of the fields on our way to Hunstanton.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite smell the lavender fields from the car.

Norfolk Lavender

Norfolk Lavender

Our first stop was in Hunstanton for some lunch and a stroll.  The beach here is very sandy compared to where we live on the South Coast.  I miss sandy beaches.  It isn’t a very large place, but it was quite pleasant to spend a couple of hours having lunch and walking on the promenade.



After Hunstanton, we carried on along the coast road, passing through very pretty villages with amazing properties and views.



With views like this, who wouldn’t want to live in Norfolk?  After uhming and ahing for many miles, we finally reached Wells-next-the-Sea.  I really love this little place.  The houses are so sweet and the boats are so pretty.



We spent just a short while here, although we could have stayed longer.  We drove through some more pretty villages along the coast road and stopped for a drink in Sheringham.  By then the light was fading and I wasn’t in the mood to take any photos.  We thought we might get to stop in Cromer, but couldn’t work out how to get in the town because of the one-way system!  It seems there must be a secret way to get into Cromer, but we didn’t have time to work it out with many cars behind us, so we just kept going.

We took the road to Norwich and stopped somewhere for dinner before heading to our hotel.  Although at first glance one wouldn’t think much of the Holiday Inn Express in Norwich, it was actually very nice, clean, comfortable, and the staff were pleasant.  It was a much needed respite after spending many hours in the car.

I suppose that is practice for our journeys when we go to South America! 🙂


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