The Countdown Begins!

Yesterday was the last day of my contract.  This was the second time around working with a lovely bunch of people.  They got me a card and a box of chocolates.  Everyone was so sweet.  I will miss them a little bit.  Only a little because I won’t have much time to be missing anyone as I will be too busy sorting out some last minute items that I didn’t have time to do while working full time.  Thankfully, Bob has been home to work on a few things while I have had my eyes glued to a computer screen most of the day!

We still have some things to sort out like getting a joint account for our traveling funds, organising where we will be staying the first week we arrive in Buenos Aires, and making a route, just to name a few.  There is still much to be done at home before we leave.  I still have to pack my bag!  I am going to have a chilled out weekend before getting stuck in on Monday.

Bob has been writing about what we are taking.  What I thought was going to be a list has turned into a novelette.  It will be published in several parts.  One of the upsides to not working all day for money means that I will have the time and energy to put out more regular posts and catch up on some of what we did over the summer.

So get ready people!  Look forward to hearing about the trials of finding backpacking insurance for the over 50’s, how to find the right bag for travel and much more!


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