The Latest News

I have been slack on the old blogging front.  Sorry!

Since Bob came back from Sharm all qualified as a Diving Instructor we have been rather manic and I haven’t had much energy or time to write, so I will fill you in on what we have been doing.  So here goes!

We cycled The Cuckoo Trail.  32 miles round trip.  Sore bums. Blog post to follow, promise.

We took a road trip up to Gloucestershire and cross country to East Anglia to visit family and see my youngest son graduate from University. (He’s the last one to finish!)   I have some lovely photos I need to share with you all, in due course.

Bob and I have started decorating the house.  This is going to be an ongoing project as there is a lot to be done.  It is very interesting watching Bob trying to make things square up in an old Victorian House!  With the run of good weather, we have had early starts and late finishes.  Posts about this can be seen on my other blog.

I got another contract which will take me to the end of September.  This is perfect as it means that I will have time before our travels to sort out all the last minute stuff.  While I am working Bob will continue with the decorating.

And most importantly, Bob and I are getting married next week!  We wanted to get married before our travels and have had to organise everything at short notice, while we have been doing all of the above!  It has been interesting!  Especially when my ring was sized too small and had to be sent back!  Stories and photos to follow.

So, that is what we have been up to so far. 🙂