Walking By Myself

It has been four long weeks since Bob has gone to Sharm to get his Dive Master certification.  He has completed that and is now in the middle of the Instructor’s course.  Should all go according to plan, he will be a qualified PADI Instructor by the middle of next week and then he will have a week of fun diving before he comes home.  I have to give him credit for going for the IDC, especially at this time of life.  The DM course is physically challenging at any age, but when you are over 50, some of the skills can put you to your limit.  I know that I wouldn’t be able to do it.  The IDC itself is not physically challenging, but the intensive classes can be mentally draining.  Bob has a huge amount of tenacity, so I am sure he will come through with flying colours.

While Bob is training in a country that is very warm and sunny, I have been working at the Council Tax department.  The weather has been unpredictable and a bit gloomy for spring.  The work that I am doing is repetitious and, frankly, quite dull, but the people are very nice.  However, it is a job and that means that I don’t have to tap into my savings and I can put something aside for our Latin American Adventure.

The weekends seem to drag on at the moment, but I try to get out and about for some exercise and fresh air after being cooped up in an office all day.  I take my walks along the seafront as walking the downs by myself is not a smart move in case I trip up and hurt myself and there isn’t anyone around, and with no phone signal.  There are times that I wonder why I live where I do as I am no longer 100% sure I would continue to do so if Bob wasn’t around.  We had a really lovely weekend weather-wise last week and I took an evening stroll.  Then I remembered why I love where I live.




???????????????????????????????The tide was out, it was warm, and I was listening to the band from the Beer Festival playing Sweet Home Alabama.  It was probably the best evening I had on my own in ages.