Camping Peña Montañesa, nr Ainsa, Spain

We left El Port De La Selva as rain was on its way, and it did not disappoint.  We drove through the Pyrenees mostly on the N-260, which is one of the most sick making (if you are not driving) routes in rainy, cloudy weather.   We were going to stop at some point, but when we eventually got to our destination, I was disheartened.  The campsite was on a main road near a truck stop.  The truck stop wasn’t an issue as the food looked really good there, but there was nothing to do here, the rain was relentless, and it wouldn’t have been great for the dogs.  We decided to carry on driving instead to the destination that we would have been staying at the following night.

We drove through the mountains, up and down and all around, in the rain.  The rain did not stop until about half an hour before we reached our destination.  In spite of the rain, the scenery was stunning.

Downloads2Here the rain finally stopped before we reached our destination.  The clouds were amazing though.  We ended up at Camping Peña Montañesa, near Ainsa, Spain.  The site is huge, and beautiful.

IMG_5066We were camped at the bottom, with some lovely views.  The website is great for seeing what the site and surroundings look like.  Check-in was relatively easy.  English, French and Spanish are spoken.  We opted for 3 nights as we drove all day with the dogs and we needed to recover and do some exploring.  The site is near  the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.  A river runs along the site.  There is a track that takes you along the river for a lovely walk.

Downloads2-001Our pitch was a decent size and we had an entrance to a field where the dogs could have a run around and do their business.  The first night was spent just settling in getting our bearings.  We were near an accessible toilet that had TP and soap, but only cold water, so no use of the shower.  There were sinks for washing up there too, but without cold water, we had to walk further down to one of the main shower blocks.  There was TP in the toilets, but no soap at the sinks.  The showers were really good with thermostatic control and overhead drench showers.   When camping, the showering experience can almost make or break whether you want to go back somewhere.

The second day was spent exploring the river and walk along it.  Although there is a river along the site, the river was low and it wasn’t easy to get the dogs down to it.  There is a hydro electric plant upstream, so there are notices about swimming in the river as there is the off chance that they would be letting water down it.  We had lunch at the restaurant near the pool, which I looked at longingly.  Unfortunately, lounging by the pool alone is not my thing as that is what I would have to do as dogs are not allowed there and someone needs to look after them.  The menu is not extensive, but I had a really good hamburguesa.  Unfortunately, the restaurant/pool area is the only place where you can access wi-fi, which really didn’t work for me.

Our last day was spent exploring in the National Park.  The drive there was pretty amazing too!  Although dogs are allowed in the National Park, they are supposed to be on the lead.  Unfortunately, not everyone follows those rules, especially the Spanish and French and it caused some problems for our dogs, but thankfully nothing serious.  It was quite cold down in the cark park by the mountain and I had to put trousers on for the first time in days, and a down jacket!  I soon warmed up though.

Downloads2-002The walk was on a prepared trail, was easy to manoeuvre and the views were amazing.  We soon learned that one of the reasons dogs are meant to be on the lead is because there are cows in them there hills.  There are lots of little streams coming off the mountains also, so our dog Teddy definitely needed to be on the lead.  After our walk, we allowed the dogs to have a swim in the river before we headed back to camp.  What started out as a grey but dry day turned out to be very nice as the sun eventually came out.

The next day we were leaving to go to Pamplona.  Checkout was relatively easy once the chap finally got the rate right.  There were no complaints about the campsite and the facilities at all.  If anything, I would have liked to stay longer.  The only downside is that we had to pay 4.50 euros per day for the extra dog.  That was a bit steep considering they don’t have anything for dogs.  Would we recommend the site or come back?  Yes, we would!  There is still so much to explore around the area and the National Park is pretty big!